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2013 regulations set for New Orleans Mardi Gras parades

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - 3:04pm

If your weekend plans include heading to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, you might want to take a look at the following regulations. The following list was issued by the New Orleans Police Department and will begin on Friday, Jan. 25.

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Two hours prior to the scheduled start of each Mardi Gras parade, any unauthorized vehicle on any part of the published parade route will be ticketed and towed. This will ensure public safety and facilitate the flow of the Carnival Krewes ($75 fine and seizure);

Two hours after a Mardi Gras parade ends, any unauthorized vehicle on any part of the published parade route will be ticketed and towed. This is done to clear the route for the City’s Department of Sanitation ($25 fine and seizure);

Beginning the Friday before Mardi Gras, at 12:01 a.m., until the Wednesday after Mardi Gras, at 6:00 p.m., no vehicles, except those issued permits, are allowed into the French Quarter between Iberville, N. Rampart, Dumaine, and Decatur ($50 fine and seizure);

Parking of vehicles equipped with living accommodations is prohibited during certain hours. It is strictly enforced during the Mardi Gras season, particularly in the Central Business District, Warehouse and Garden District;

Before, during and after the parades, the City will extend enforcement efforts into the neighborhoods adjacent to the published parade routes. This will minimize non-residential intrusion. Parking Officers will primarily enforce the following:

Valid Residential Parking Permits ($40 fine),

Safety violations which include:

  • Blocking hydrants,
  • Parking within 20 feet of a crosswalk, intersection, or stop sign,
  • Parking in the wrong direction (vehicles must park in the direction of travel on one way streets, and with the right wheel to the curb on two way streets),
  • Vehicles blocking sidewalks,
  • Vehicles blocking driveways,
  • Parking in Handicap zone ($500 fine),
  • Scofflaw vehicles that have unpaid parking tickets shall be immobilized.
  • Vehicles parked on the neutral ground are subject to a parking violation and seizure ($75 fine)

For more information on parking enforcement, citizens may call:

  • Department of Public Works (Parking enforcement and information), (504) 658-8100 (answered 24 hours)
  • Information related to Residential Parking Permits, (504) 658-8200
  • Pay and release of boot, (504) 658-8083.
  • Information on Ticket/Tow Appeals Hearings: (504) 658-8250

The city’s neutral grounds are the direct responsibility of the Department of Parks and Parkways; therefore, any prohibited items that are placed on the neutral grounds will be removed and disposed of immediately.

The following rules are being enforced:

  • No bulky furniture can be placed on neutral grounds.
  • Port-o-lets are allowed on private property; however, private port-o-lets will not be allowed on neutral grounds. In the past, private port-o-lets have been left uncleaned following Mardi Gras, which poses a sanitary and traffic hazard. The City is communicating this to private port-o-let companies and asks for your cooperation.
  • No structures can be erected (i.e. viewing stands, bleachers). The only allowed structures are those that are provided by the City Of New Orleans in city designated areas or those on privately owned properties that have been granted permission and issued permits by the City’s Department of Safety and Permits.


City of New Orleans Bureau of Revenue field agents and collectors will be canvassing neighborhoods in and around parade routes to ensure businesses (including ABOs) and vendors are properly permitted. Additionally, residents or businesses charging for parking at commercial properties must be properly permitted. 501c3 organizations may apply for an exemption for a portion of the fees associated with the appropriate permits.


The Department of Sanitation is responsible for cleaning the streets, neutral grounds and sidewalks after parades held on both sides of the Mississippi River in the City of New Orleans.

Hundreds of City workers, temporary workers, and contractor employees are utilized per day in clean-up efforts. City departments and agencies involved in the clean-up effort include NOPD, Public Works, Parks and Parkways, Property Management, Mosquito and Termite Control, Innovation Delivery Team, the Equipment Maintenance Division, NORDC, Health, Sewerage and Water Board, the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office, and the Downtown Development District.

The success of Mardi Gras depends on the City returning the streets to normalcy and cleanliness as soon after each parade as possible. Therefore, cooperation from the public on parking, litter abatement, and neutral ground restrictions is vital. Vehicular traffic will be restricted until clean-up crews have passed.


  • Please stand behind the barricades when they are placed along streets while the parade is passing.
  • Please do not run between floats or vehicles while the parade is in progress.
  • Ladders should not be placed in the street or be tied together and should be placed back from the curb.
  • Please do not stand or walk close to heavy equipment used in the clean-up process.
  • Items such as sofas and tents should not be placed on neutral grounds.
  • The juvenile curfew will be enforced during Mardi Gras. City curfew hours for juveniles are Sunday thru Thursday 8pm to 6am and Friday thru Saturday 11pm to 6am. In the French Quarter, the hours are Friday thru Saturday 8pm to 6am.
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Doesn't mention anything about barbecuing?? I haven't done MG in several years, and am wondering are you allowed to barbecue or is it assumed that counts as 'bulky furniture.' i wish the 'rule makers' would think of everything when they put these guidelines out, thank you.

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