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Cutting-Edge sports drink developed in conjunction with LSU

Monday, April 16, 2012 - 12:03pm

BATON ROUGE, LA — The newest product to land on store shelves in Baton Rouge doesn't boast a fleur de lis or a crawfish, but the LSU logo and the brand EX5, and it's poised to become the leading sports drink on the market.

Distributed by Mockler Beverage Company in Baton Rouge, EX5 is a combination of an athlete's vision and a scientist's mind. Developed by Louisiana residents Brian Brothers and Craig Hart, owners of H&B Beverage, the idea behind EX5 was simple: Replace sugary drinks for athletes and consumers of all types with a low-sugar, low-sodium alternative thirst-quencher that was high in electrolytes. The concept sounded simple, but more electrolytes in a beverage meant a bitter taste - until LSU entered the picture.

Dr. John Finley at LSU developed a method to eliminate the bad taste left by potassium, magnesium and calcium without adding sugar. LSU could have sold this formula to any company in the world, but wanted to keep the idea here at home.

Brothers and Hart got the rights, and the idea of a truly healthy sports drink became reality.

Now, EX5 is on the market, available at selected Cracker Barrel convenience stores, LeBlanc's Food Stores, and at a growing list of Baton Rouge-area retailers.

"The most popular sports drink on the market was invented almost 50 years ago, and the formula has barely changed," said Brothers. "Now consumers have a choice of something that is truly good for you, tastes good, and has broad appeal. EX5 isn't just for athletes, either. It tastes good and can replace sugary drinks in family refrigerators."

"EX5 is designed for athletes, but it has broad appeal," said Hart. "People on low-sodium diets or who are watching their sugar intake can drink EX5 and enjoy it. It has less than half the sodium, one-fourth the sugar, one-third the calories and three times the electrolytes of the competition. The other leading sports drink brands don't have magnesium and calcium, which are essential to health. We're excited to be a Louisiana company with an LSU brand and to launch EX5 here at home."

Click here for more information about EX5.

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