One week courtship turns into 10 years of wedded bliss

Thursday, February 14, 2013 - 2:06pm

Couples across the world will become engaged on Valentine’s Day. If you look at statistics, most of those couples have been together for roughly two years. But one couple from Slaughter threw the curve with a courtship that lasted just one week.

“They all thought we were crazy,” Jennifer Bruhl said when asked what people thought when she told them about the quick engagement. “We had both been married before and had said the famous words ‘NEVER AGAIN,’ until we met in June 2003.”

Jennifer and her husband, Chuck, prove the saying “when you know, you know.”

“He told his best friend the minute I walked into the room ‘I’m going to marry her,’” Jennifer recalled “We had never said a word to each other and he knew. The moment I set eyes on him, I knew the same. He was THE ONE I had searched for so long.”

Both Jennifer and Chuck were single parents when they met.

“We do not have biological children together, but our children from previous marriages, Emily (13) and Joshua (24), are our children,” Jennifer explained. “We treat them both as if they are our own.”

The same principles the couple applies to raising children, they hold true for keeping their relationship a success.

“They key to success for us has been communication,” Jennifer said. “If you disagree about something, talk about it. Don’t scream about it, support one another in every endeavor.”

Of course, they say you should never go to bed angry.

“And end every phone conversation or departure, even if only for a little while, with ‘I love you,’” she added. “I love Chuck more than the very breath I breathe and could not imagine life without him. He makes life an adventure. He makes me laugh and smile. He wipes away my tears. He overlooks my short comings even when I don’t. And there has never been and never will be a doubt in my mind that he loves me the same.

“I still get butterflies when we kiss even after 10 years.”

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