Second annual 3rd Street Film Festival is here

Thursday, December 27, 2012 - 6:32pm

For a second year, the 3rd Street Film Festival is coming to Baton Rouge.

"This year we are def expanding the festival, we've got twice as many films as last year,” says James Herbert the Executive Director of the Festival. This is the second year for the 3rd Street Film Festival, and they are more than ready to get the reel rolling. "We got started a lot earlier this year we have more people helping us out,” says Herbert.

Since their first shot at this last year they have seen a huge response from the film community and the public. "We've gotten a lot more films this year so the filmmakers are interest in showcasing their films with us."

It all begins Friday night at five at the Shaw Center, downtown Baton Rouge with tickets still on sale. "Each showcase will have 6 short films all made in Louisiana and bookend with feature film and each will last approx 2 and a half hours and there will be food desserts and drinks," Herbert tells NBC33.

And the long term goal for this festival is larger than life. "We're trying to become the Sundance Film Festival of the south."

Ad with a long term plan to enhance the 3rd Street corridor, this is another avenue to share the arts in Louisiana. Herbert says that,” Our mission is to educate inspire and foster the la film community and at the same time educate the public on the films that are bring made around the state so they get to interact with butting artists and film maker all from Louisiana."

And James Herbert says this is just the beginning.


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