Bonnie and Clyde production boosts businesses in Donaldsonville

Thursday, May 2, 2013 - 10:00pm

As cameras continue to roll for the upcoming Bonnie and Clyde miniseries, Donaldsonville businesses are getting a surge.

The producers have limited media access to the actual filming of scenes, but the sights and sounds of the movie business are evident all around Donaldsonville. Lighting equipment, antique cars, and period-costumed extras can easily be seen in a variety of public places.

Though the crews have remained tight-lipped about the production, they are working in full cooperation with the city government and Downtown Development District, according to its director, Missy Jandura. They have been coordinating scheduled deliveries, construction and other needs with local businesses, some of which have had parking spaces used by the crews.

Late Wednesday, for example, a group of men were seen constructing a set in the old Ferris building, pictured above. Several signs have been posted around city streets, reserving parking spots for the production.

Across the avenue, Grapevine Cafe was filled with crew members grabbing a late lunch.

It appears that Donaldsonville will be featured heavily in the History Channel/Lifetime miniseries. Following the weekend, production is scheduled to kick off once again Monday.

Michael Tortorich is a writer and photographer for The Creole Online Newspaper. He can be reached through


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