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"Puss in Boots" rules again

BATON ROUGE, LA (FOX44) – “Puss in Boots” ruled the box office for the second week in a row. 1. “Puss in Boots” – $33-million 2. “Tower Heist” – $25.1-million

New in Theaters - November 4, 2011

BATON ROUGE, LA (FOX44) – “Tower Heist”

'Puss in Boots' beats Johnny Depp and Justin Timberlake at the box office

BATON ROUGE, LA (FOX44) – “Puss in Boots” ruled this weekend’s box office. 1. “Puss in Boots” – $34-million

New in Theaters - October 28, 2011

BATON ROUGE, LA (FOX44) – “Puss in Boots”

Food Poisoning to blame for Steven Tyler fall

TMZ - Steven Tyler was suffering from dehydration caused by a bout of food poisoning when he collapsed in a Paraguay hotel shower today, sources connected to Tyler tell TMZ.

"Paranormal Activity 3" topped the box office

BATON ROUGE, LA (FOX44) – “Paranormal Activity 3” dominated this weekend’s box office with a whopping $54-Million. 1. “Paranormal Activity 3” – $54-million

New in Theaters - October 21, 2011

BATON ROUGE, LA (FOX44) – “The Three Musketeers”

'Breakout Kings' filming to shut down some BR streets

BATON ROUGE, LA (MAYOR'S OFFICE) — Several downtown streets will be subject to partial or intermittent closures today as the TV drama "Breakout Kings" begins filming in the Baton Rouge area.

'The Experiment' nets former local news reporter film festival awards

NEW ORLEANS, LA (FOX44) -- A documentary on the New Orleans school system that was directed by Ben Lemoine, a former news reporter, has won awards at the New Orleans Film Festival.

DVDsday – October 18, 2011

BATON ROUGE, La (FOX44) – Here are this week’s new releases on DVD. "Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides"