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Wednesday, June 13, 2012 - 8:34pm

HOLLYWOOD, CA (FOX44) – Some famous faces are given the opportunity to pick the hottest ‘choice’ for a date. But, given their, handicaps, will they choose wisely?

It can be tough to find Mr. or Ms. Right and for the celebrity bachelors on FOX’s new dating show "The Choice", making a decision based on what a girl sounds like, gives new meaning to blind dating.

Cain says: "To have to hear a woman's voice, and start to make a choice just based on that, is difficult. However, I think the audience will help me a little bit with their reactions."

Beckford says: "We're not too smart as men. You know, so we always go for looks."

Hicks says: "Listen, probably, really, really hard at what they have to say. And I’m good at that anyway, cause I’m a musician."

Obviously still searching for the perfect mate in real life, these stars admit they have certain standards.

Hicks says: "Looks are important, but brains and heart and all of that is just as important. Cause ultimately you want to end up, you know, rocking on the porch swing at the end of your life and you want to have a great conversationalist. Looks are important though. "

Cain says :"I’m probably not a good dater. I think I was a good dater back in the day, you know, when you try to keep a bunch of different things going at the same time, I just don't have that kind of energy. I'm also much more wise now."

And it won't just be famous guys in the chair, the ladies get their turn, including ex Miss U.S.A. winner, Rima Fakih, who admits she has trouble dating.

Fakih says: "I remember in college, it didn't matter what guy looked good or dressed nice, some of us wanted to sit next to the guy who had nice cologne on in class. Ask any female, I bet you it’s one of the things."

Passing the smell test is probably a good thing when it comes to dating.

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