Hollywood Hookup

Spears offered spot as 'X Factor' judge

HOLLYWOOD HOOKUP (FOX44) – Simon Cowell has reportedly offered up a hefty 10-million dollars to pop princess Britney Spears. That's how much he wants her to sit on the “X Factor” judges' row.

Pink is back!

HOLLYWOOD HOOKUP (FOX44) – And she's back, Pink posting a pic to twitter with freshly dyed carnation colored hair. The pop star told her followers she's ready to record a new album.

The Osbournes are returning to TV

HOLLYWOOD HOOKUP (FOX44) – The Osbournes will be returning to TV but this time in animated form. The comedy series will be voiced by the clan who already signed on for 20-episodes.

Madonna’s still open to marriage

HOLLYWOOD HOOKUP (FOX44) – The third time might be a charm for Madonna. According to sources close to the 53-year-old queen of pop, she hasn’t said no to another trip down the aisle with her 24-year-old boyfriend.

Tim Burton's art exhibit

HOLLYWOOD HOOKUP (FOX44) – Director Tim Burton was in Paris Monday ahead of the opening of an exhibition of his artwork. The exhibition was put together in 2009 by the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Rock and Roll All-Stars

HOLLYWOOD HOOKUP (FOX44) – Its moment eighties rock fans have been waiting for. Gene Simmons is joining forces with rock n' roll heavy weights to form a new group called "Rock and Roll All-Stars".

‘Desperate Housewives’ takes show creator to court

FOX NEWS — Actress Nicollette Sheridan arrived to court today, Thursday, March 1, to testify in her civil trial against "Desperate Housewives" creator and Executive Producer Marc Cherry.

Houston greeting card

HOLLYWOOD HOOKUP (FOX44) – Target stores yanked a card off its shelves. It reads “Next time you think about dating the bad boy consider Whitney Houston”.

New 'In Living Color' fly girls

HOLLYWOOD, CA (FOX44) – A ground breaking variety show during the early years of FOX broadcasting, "In Living Color" jump-started careers of Jamie Foxx, Jim Carrey and Jennifer Lopez.

Fake Nicholson ID

HOLLYWOOD HOOKUP (FOX44) – A man made a fake ID allegedly used in Brazil to open up bank accounts. The picture on it is of the one and only Jack Nicholson. The suspect looks nothing like him and he's been put in jail.