Hollywood Hookup

Sheen's still in the game

HOLLYWOOD HOOKUP (FOX44) – Looks like Charlie Sheen isn't out of the game just yet. Radar Online is reporting he's signed a contract to produce ten episodes of a sitcom.

Columbo star dies at 83

HOLLYWOOD HOOKUP (FOX44) – The actor who played "Columbo" has passed away. Peter Falk was 83-years-old when he died at his Beverly Hills home yesterday. He had suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.

Lady Gaga in Japan

HOLLYWOOD HOOKUP (FOX44) – And Lady Gaga is in Japan today taking part in an MTV charity event for earthquake and tsunami victims.

Tattoo lawsuit settled

HOLLYWOOD HOOKUP (FOX44) – Fans of the tattoo on Ed Helms face on the hangover part two don't have to worry about it getting digitally altered when the DVD comes out.

MTV star dies

HOLLYWOOD HOOKUP (FOX44) – Ryan Dunn made Americans cringe through stunts on MTV’s "Jackass" but police believe his need for speed probably was a factor in this mornings car wreck in Philly.

I Dreamed a Dream

HOLLYWOOD HOOKUP (FOX44) – Before blowing up after her first onstage appearance in the talent show "Britain’s Got Talent", Susan Boyle was a shy 48-year old woman who lived alone with her cat.

Gaga's dress now on display

HOLLYWOOD HOOKUP (FOX44) – Lady Gaga's most famous dress is now on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. That getup all made out of meat was worn last year at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Joss Stone targeted in murder plot

HOLLYWOOD HOOKUP (FOX44) – Ginger Lee is trying to set the record straight today. "I did not sext Anthony Weiner.

Hef dumped before wedding

HOLLYWOOD HOOKUP (FOX44) – Hugh Hefner may not be getting married again after all. TMZ is reporting that Hefner's 25-year-old fiancée Crystal Harris has called off the wedding this morning after the two got into a huge fight.

Clarence Clemons suffers stroke

HOLLYWOOD HOOKUP (FOX44) – He was last seen playing his saxophone with Lady Gaga at the American Idol finale a few weeks ago and now Bruce Springsteen’s big man, Clarence Clemons has suffered a stroke and is listed in serious condit