Wahlberg on 'Entourage' movie: Script's in progress

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 - 2:00pm

Shortly after HBO's "Entourage" ended its run, star Jerry Ferrara (a.k.a. Turtle to fans) was hopeful but realistic about the story continuing on the silver screen.

"As far as the status of the movie, I guess I could say it's looking good and there is potential," he told CNN last fall. "But in this business that really doesn't mean much until you're on set and you're shooting."

Well, Mark Wahlberg has news for Ferrara and fans of the show. The "Entourage" producer - and the inspiration behind the Vinny Chase story - told CNN over the weekend that the film should arrive sooner rather than later.

"['Entourage' creator] Doug Ellin is actually right now writing the script as we speak," Wahlberg said, also mentioning that he hopes the potential "Entourage" movie could be ready for a 2013 summer release. "He's finally started writing and hopefully it won't take too long now."

In the meantime, Wahlberg is set to star alongside Justin Bieber in a "Color of Money"-esque flick set around basketball. Wahlberg would be the Paul Newman to Bieber's Tom Cruise in this riff on Martin Scorsese's 1986 film.

While anything with the Biebs is sure to bring a crowd, Wahlberg says his daughter isn't all that impressed that Dad, himself a former teen heartthrob, will be working alongside one of the hottest entertainers around.

"My daughter was a Bieber fan, but she's over him," the "Ted" star said. "She's nine. She's into 'Shake it Up' and that sort of thing, those Disney shows."

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