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Once homeless FL student will now play Carnegie Hall

So how do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice. Practice. Practice. James Matthews spends up to ten hours a day sitting before a grand piano echoing the sounds of Beethoven.

Jeopardy celebrates 50 years on TV

It's an enduring game show that engenders affection while challenging even the most erudite among us. What is "Jeopardy!"?

Batman turns 75, still 'saving' lives

Growing up, Joshua Paul Hawkins didn't have many role models.

Sarah Palin's new reality show explores man caves, guns

  The Sportsman Channel's promo for Sarah Palin's new reality television venture features the gun-toting politico-turned-celebrity exploring her idea of American freedom: man caves, target shooting and race cars.

'American Horror Story' creator announces new season

Get ready to be freaked out, "American Horror Story" fans.

Real judge throws TV Judge Joe Brown in Memphis jail

TV’S Judge Joe Brown is out of jail this morning. A judge in Memphis, Tennessee held him in Contempt of Court Monday after a courtroom argument. Brown was representing a client in a child-support case.

Local artists depict ‘The Nature and Culture of Louisiana’

Come celebrate Louisiana's talented artists and their depictions of the state’s cultural and natural resources at the fourth annual Brush With Burden art exhibition.

Miley Cyrus' tour bus goes up in flames before New Orleans gig

The road to New Orleans has not been smooth for Miley Cyrus and her crew. Hours after the star was spotted eating donuts on Magazine Street her tour bus went up in flames while en route to the Crescent City.

Steve-O faces TX fine after jumping off bridge into 4 ft deep water

Steve-O of "Jackass" fame made a splash in San Antonio, Texas, by jumping from a bridge into the San Antonio River. But he could end up getting a slap on the wrist for the stunt.

U.S. Postal Service to realease Jimi Hendrix stamp

Jimi Hendrix gets his own 'Forever' stamp By Jimi Hendrix fans have something to celebrate.