220 lbs. of weed seized in Slaughter

Wednesday, December 9, 2009 - 9:40am

In Slaughter a routine traffic stop resulted in the seizure of over 200 pounds of marijuana. The discovery has been declared the biggest weed bust in East Feliciana Parish.

The weed has an estimated street value of $225,00. Police say the weed was in transport and the vehicle carrying it was pulled over for speeding.

The officer that made the stop claims when he approached the car there was a strong scent of freshly burnt pot, and when he looked into the back seat there were dozens of blocks of packaged marijuana.

"It was the largest bust I’ve ever made I’m still in shock especially because he had it in plain sight" says Earl Newman, the officer who initially pulled the two male suspects over.

Authorities say the bust didn’t stop there. There were several more arrests made in an undercover sting. Not only were the two transporters arrested, police successfully nabbed the suppliers and the would-be buyers.