Brownie Bandit Busted

Police say man stole brownies from Gonzales bakery six times

Friday, August 27, 2010 - 3:14pm

One Gonzales resident loves chocolate so much, it's a crime. Police caught a man with frosting all over his fingers last night, and it's not the first time.

Jumonville Bakery's chocolate frosted brownies have brought a lot of business over the years, but there's one fudge-loving fan they could've done without. Gonzales police say Jamon J. Simoneaux, 18, broke into the bakery six times over the last 19 days. They say it was his sweet tooth that got him in trouble.

"There was no attempt to take any money or anything along those lines. It was just that he had a fetish for baked goods," says Sgt. Steven Nethken with Gonzales Police Department.

Police say he'd break into one of two windows at the bakery and go straight to the cookie counter.

"Apparently, he loves the brownies," says bakery co-owner, Pat Jumonville. "That's a good thing for someone to appreciate our products like that."

Police were able to catch the Brownie Bandit last night in the bakery. They say he was trying to make off with a bag full of brownies. When they asked why he continued to break in, police say Simoneaux said he just really liked the brownies.

Jumonville racked up $400 in damages to broken windows, which she hopes will be re-paid. Right now, she says, she can laugh about the situation, and now that the Bandit Brownie is behind bars, she may have to rename her chocolate frosted treats. "Convict brownies," she laughs.

It gives a whole new meaning to taking a bite out of crime.

Simoneaux has been charged with six counts of simple burglary and four counts of simple criminal damage to property. He's been booked in the Ascension Parish Prison. His bond has not been set.

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