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Budget Cuts For East Feliciana Schools

Thursday, January 28, 2010 - 12:35pm

The East Feliciana School System is out of cash. Officials will have to cut 1.5 million dollars in spending before the start of next school year.

Disappointment runs deep here in East Feliciana Parish. An already struggling school system has been hit with even more financial trouble.

School Superintendent Donald Beauchamp says a loss in state funding and a drop in sales tax revenue have made major cuts here mandatory.

Beauchamp says, "They will not be getting some of the opportunities other kids my have." Beauchamp goes on to say that teacher and staff salaries will be the first to feel it.

Also facing elimination are electives and programs like band and ROTC. Beauchamp says that’s what he's been fighting for all along.

He presented a plan to the school board that would save money by consolidating the parish's two middle and high schools, but that plan was denied.

The school board denied the consolidation of Jackson and Clinton's middle and high schools by a vote of 7-4. It will be up to the members who rejected the plan to reconsider it.