Churches push back services for Superbowl

Spiritual leaders don't want fans to have to choose

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 - 3:46pm

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Faith. Hope. Prayer. Abiding love. In
synagogues and churches, the traditional message and prayers are
flavored by the New Orleans Saints' march to the Super Bowl,
transcending spiritual differences and binding the faithful in a
rousing Who Dat! cheer.

Churches are scurrying to change Sunday service schedules to
avoid conflict with Super Bowl XLIV and even a voodoo priestess is
pulling for the team in black and gold.

Rabbi Robert "Bob" Loewy taught the Who Dat! cheer - in Hebrew
- to Congregation Gates of Prayer at services before the Saints
defeated the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship game.

In English, it's "Who dat say they gonna beat them Saints! Who
dat! Who dat!"
Loewy's translation: "Mi zeh omer yakhvosh et hatsaddikim! Mi
zeh! Mi zeh!"

Evening Services Cancelled in Baton Rouge:
Christ The King Catholic Church
St. George
Our Lady of Mercy

Evening Services pushed back an hour:
Trinity Episcopal
St. James Episcopal