Hollywood Welcomes Comedy Legend Back To The Spotlight

Pee Wee Herman Live Stage Show.

Thursday, January 21, 2010 - 9:42am

The best in Hollywood welcome a comedy legend back to the spotlight Wednesday (1/20/2010).

Funny man Paul Reubens, better known as Pee-Wee Herman, returned to the stage in character donning his trademark bowtie and suit.

Stars lined the red carpet for the comic's live show in LA. David Hasselhoff, Marisa Tomei, Sara Silverman and Drew Carrey were on-hand for the festivities.

Reubens says: "It feels incredible, it just feels incredible. We've, we've, we've done eight or nine or ten performances now and it's gone just incredibly. I almost feel like I wish last night had gone a little less good because you know there's that superstition about opening night and everything but I feel like we could surpass last night for sure tonight so it's been incredibly exciting. It continues to be exciting. This is exciting now just talking to you and seeing the celebrities just start to trickle in (looks at some of the people coming in) yeah it's very oh I'm feeling very special ha, ha."

ARQUETTE says: "Oh I'm just a lot of people go to Comicon and they dress up as their favorite like superhero or something I dress as Pee-Wee because I love Pee-Wee."

ARQUETTE says: "Everything I mean I'm dear friends with Paul Reubens and he's just one of the greatest artists I've ever met in my time. I've worked in this, this you know business for twenty some odd years and he's just one of a kind. He broke the mold. He's truly an artistic genius and amazing human being. He's one of my dearest friends that I, I just love him with all of my heart."

HASSELHOFF says: "Because it's, it's always been state of the art, innovative, new, crazy, smart humor that, that would attract me and my daughter. My daughter grew up watching it and she doesn't understand you know she didn't understand the two sides of it when she was little and I've known Paul since college at Cal Arts and he and I and Katey Sagal were kind of hanging together for a long time and, and I'm, I'm really glad that he's come back with Pee-Wee. It took a long time and we used to beg him come on, come on and sometimes you're just not ready and, and I knew that when, when, when he's ready he's awesome and he's ready and it's a great night for us because our show was announced tonight at the same time so I was like really funny that we're walking down through here and Paul has come back with a show and for the first time and it's our, our night as kind of in a way it's synchronicity."

The Pee Wee Show runs through February 7th, 2010.