Louisiana Earth Day

Downtown Baton Rouge Sunday, April 18th Noon - 8:45pm

Thursday, April 1, 2010 - 9:40am

Louisiana Earth Day transforms the downtown Baton Rouge area into an informative and fun-filled experience from the river along North Boulevard and throughout the governmental complex! Visitors find a wealth of information that addresses our quality of life in Louisiana. The very latest innovative developments on green, sustainable living, including stewardship of Earth’s resources, alternative energy sources, home construction, coastal restoration, climate change, etc., will be presented through many different venues.

The total Earth Day experience is an exciting event for everyone in the family! While the focus is always on environmental education and what each person can do to make our world a better place in which to live, the information is provided through active learning methods. Representatives from governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, universities and experts in the various environmental education fields will be on hand to provide insight into the state of the environment, our impact, and ways we can leave a smaller footprint. Children and adults participate in hands-on activities that range from building bird houses out of scrap wood to creating art that celebrates life! There is even an early childhood area for our youngest visitors!

Celebrating Earth Day reminds us of the responsibility we have to each other in Louisiana and throughout the world. Earth Day is a time to consider that everything we do affects others and impacts our environment. Whether we choose to recycle an aluminum can, use less at our homes or offices or limit our driving, all of our actions have consequences. Environmental education is central to helping all of us better understand our place on Earth and the necessity of promoting good stewardship habits within our workplaces and families. It is our hope that all of us take stock of our actions and learn valuable information on how we can improve our lives and those of our neighbors.

Join us Louisiana Earth Day April 18 and renew your commitment to promoting a healthy Louisiana! Be prepared to experience a thoroughly enjoyable day with plenty of local entertainment from some of our best Cajun, zydeco, country, blues and rock performers! You’ll leave happy and rejuvenated at all of the incredible sights and sounds, and best of all, you’ll be better informed on how you can play a part in sustaining a healthy environment for all of us now and for many years to come!