Mariah Launches Champagne Brand & Simon's "X Factor" Sacrifice

Monday, January 18, 2010 - 5:29pm

Simon's "X Factor" sacrifice, more A-List help for Haiti, and Conan O'Brien may have a new home in the Hollywood Nation.

Conan O'Brien may be packing up and leaving NBC soon, but he's not going to be homeless. Reports claim that FOX is looking to house the TV host as they are open to a late night program that would involve someone of his caliber.

In the meantime, fans can catch Conan end his seventh month on "Tonight" this Friday.

The stars continue to rally to help aid victims of the Haiti earthquake. While John Travolta is lending his plane to fly volunteers, supplies, and medics, Giselle Bunchen and Sandra Bullock have opened up their bank accounts, donating millions to the relief fund.

Mariah Carey is launching her very own champagne brand. The pop diva mad the announcement on her Twitter page and fans can expect "Angel Champagne Rose" in stores soon.

And all the money in the world could not keep Simon Cowell on "American Idol". Show executives offered the snarky judge nine figures to not walk, but his mind was made up as he is focused on bringing the "X Factor" to the states and may even have Paula Abdul join him at the judges table.