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Who’s the owner of ‘Who Dat’?

Friday, January 29, 2010 - 6:09pm

The National Football League says they're the only ones allowed to cash in on the "Who Dat" hype. It issued a cease and desist order to all businesses carrying gear with the famous Saints' phrase.
But does "Who Dat" even have an owner?
The Secretary of State's office says that will probably be determined once the Super Bowl is all said and done— by the courts.
The agency says as far as their records show, the only time “Who Dat” has been registered as a trade name in Louisiana was back in the eighties. However, that person didn't keep up the right paperwork, so as far as they know, no one has exclusive rights to “Who Dat.”
Still, businesses like Storyville in Baton Rouge say continuing to sell their popular “Who Dat” shirts is not worth a with the NFL.