“Cop-Killer” Bullets Penetrate Body Armor?

Thursday, March 19, 2009 - 6:45pm

“Cop-Killer bullets” some say it’s a bullet specifically designed to penetrate the protective vests of law enforcement. Could they be in the wrong hands? Our Emily Turner is investigating this story.

The Walker Police Department thought they’d stumbled upon some so called “Cop-Killer” bullets last December. Along with a pound of marijuana, 26-year-old Delveckio Seals was found with a FN 57 pistol, a gun marketed to fire ammo capable of penetrating body armor. Police also found several magazines filled with blue tip bullets, blue being a standard marking to identify armor piercing rounds. But upon further investigation, police determined the bullets weren’t armor piercing. Which leads many to ask if they really exist.

We talked to the experts. Jim McClain of Jim’s Firearms says, “Any bullet in the hands of a bad person can cause grave injury or death to any police officer. DO I know if there is a specific bullet designed to penetrate vests, I have never seen them on the commercial market.” Still, federal law prohibits the manufacturing and sale of these armor piercing rounds. So just because McClain hasn’t seen them, does that mean they aren’t really out there?