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Attorney Murdered

Friday, February 20, 2009 - 7:29pm

An overnight murder leaves a local attorney dead and police say it wasn’t a random killing. FNBR’s Lauren Unger has been tracking the story and has more on the woman at the center of the case, attorney Chakita Tate.

Tate’s family is still trying to get a handle on the devastating crime, but they’re also trying to remember the woman they lost. Smart, determined, and willing to put the long hours is how colleagues and family describe the 34-year-old Chakita Tate. EBR District Attorney Hillar Moore says, “She’s a very bring young attorney, an aggressive attorney.”

Her sister remember a time from this week. A woman on the street said how much she loved the shoes Tate was wearing. Tate gave them to her without a second thought. Now they say all they can think is how she won’t need them anymore.

Lt. Charles Armstrong of Baton Rouge Police say, “We found local attorney Miss Chakita Tate deceased inside of a private law office.” Those on the scene say Tate was stabbed. Her body and car were found early Friday morning after her husband said she never came home from work.

Tom Withers worked near Tate and says, “It can happen to anybody, lawyers are susceptible like anyone else.”

Tate was currently working on a high profile case but there’s no indication it’s connected to her murder. “It’s something that goes through your mind, certainly, but this case is going to be researched just like any other case.”

It is a case that wasn’t a random killing. Employees say the building was secure. “The door automatically locks at 5:30; you have to have a key to get in.”

It is a complicated puzzle with police searching for the pieces. There is no word on motive or suspects, but police say there are cameras located all around Tate’s law office building. They hope to find clues to the murder in those tapes.