Baton Rouge Tax Tea Party

Wednesday, April 15, 2009 - 5:54pm

Tea parties are taking over cities across America. Thousands of frustrated folks in the Red Stick made their way to the steps of the State Capitol for their very own tea party. Today may be the final day to file your taxes with the government, but there’s an even bigger event that’s caught the attention of people everywhere, the first ever Baton Rouge Tea Party.

It’s described as an overwhelming experience. B.R. Tea Party organizer Jeff Blanco says, “I don’t see Republican, I don’t see Democrat, I don’t see humanitarian or constitutionalist, what I see are Americans.” A group that started off with a small following grew into this, a mass of people fed up with what they consider outrageous government spending. WJBO’s Matt Kennedy says, “I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my kids in a 90% tax bracket.”

Roughly 5,000 frustrated Americans gathered for one reason and that’s to get the attention of the lawmakers inside of the Capitol. Folks listed as organizers and guest speakers encouraged them to continue fighting against tax hikes and bailouts. Many protesters blame President Barack Obama for the current financial crisis, while others say blaming the President isn’t going to solve their problems. Matthew Maddex is against the protesters and says, “We’re unwilling to question each other’s ideas and until we are willing to question each other and have a true dialog change will not comes about no matter who the President is.”

Organizers for the Baton Rouge Tea Party say they hope lawmakers were paying close attention to the rally and make some changes.