Creek Becomes Dog Dumping Site

Thursday, March 12, 2009 - 7:56pm

A Livingston Parish creek turns into a dumping ground for dead animals. Deputies were shocked by what they found in that creek, the rotting bodies of six dogs. How did they get there and who did it? It seems this story has caught the attention of everyone in Livingston Parish and many are asking how anyone could do such a terrible thing.

An animal shelter is where unwanted pets are commonly taken but this is where some are turning up in Livingston Parish. Sheriff Willie Graves says, “A lot of back country roads, especially those that have tributaries and bridges, unfortunately people discard animals in this area.”

Six dogs were found decomposing in a creek and investigators say bones of other animals were also scattered along the banks. “These are animals that people shot and killed for reasons we don’t know.” But, the Executive Director of the Humane Society of Louisiana says the animals were hunting dogs and the reason is obvious. Jeff Dorson says, “A lot of anecdotal evidence says if dogs fail to perform, well they’re killed by hunters. If they don’t hunt well, if they are stubborn, if they lose the scent.”

So far, authorities don’t have any leads but the Humane Society hopes a $2,500 reward will help solve who’s behind the dumping.