Democrats Respond to Jindal

Wednesday, February 25, 2009 - 5:08pm

Governor Bobby Jindal is receiving mixed reviews for his Republican response Tuesday night and today, the Louisiana Democratic Party is speaking out. Several State Representatives held a news conference on the steps of the Louisiana capitol. Our Kianga Kelley was there.

It’s Governor Bobby Jindal’s turn in the hot seat and the Democratic party isn’t buying explanations on why Louisiana will not accept federal money for unemployment.

It’s a rebuttal that has many talking and members of the Louisiana Democratic Party are taking their frustration to the steps of the state capitol. State Representative Karen Peterson of New Orleans says Governor Bobby Jindal’s Tuesday night explanation for declining more than $75 million from the billion-dollar stimulus package just wasn’t good enough. She claims Jindal only offered excuses. “It’s very easy to counter and say that’s horrible, that’s not the way you should do it but offer a solution.”

Some lawmakers like Democratic Party President Pat Smith believe Jindal’s response was more of a ploy for his rumored plan to run for President in 2012. “Governor Jindal is putting his political ambitions over the needs of our Louisiana citizens, none of them focusing on our needs here at home. He is spending his time promoting himself on national talk shows and disparaging the President’s economic plan.”

Representative Sam Jones Franklin stressed that the money could help in much needed school and road repairs across the state. “Whether you agree with how it got confected or not, the fact is it’s going to be paid back by all Americans and so we should accept and take the benefits of it.”

Now Louisiana Democrats are challenging the Governor to reconsider. “Would you consider conferring with us and Senator Landrieu who’s a lot more familiar with this bill before moving forward?”

The Democratic Party plans to fight Jindal’s decision in the legislature with hopes of getting that much needed money in the hands of the Pelican State.