Getting Rid of Waste

Monday, March 9, 2009 - 4:55pm

There were more cost cutting measures from the Governor’s office Monday. Jon Fairbanks explains where the economic ax is going to fall.

Governor Jindal wants to cut 22 boards and commissions. The reason, many of those boards are inactive or can be absorbed by other ruling bodies. Those boards include the Governor’s Aviation Advisory Commission, Commission on Best Practices in School Discipline, and the Rural Healthcare Authority, which overlaps with the Department of Health and Hospitals.

One question that remains is how much money will the cuts actually save. “We weren’t going to do above or below the line budgeting in our proposed budget so we have not quantified any savings in our budget we do know that we will be avoiding expenditures by getting rid of these boards.”

The Governor also announced that he’ll extend six existing tax credits, four for the entertainment industry and two for research investment.