Grad School Enrollment Up

Thursday, February 5, 2009 - 6:24pm

An unstable economy is keeping more LSU students in the classroom. Jon Fairbanks explains why graduate enrollment at the university is on the rise.

Graduate school enrollment has jumped 6% this spring. One reason students say is a sluggish economy and they hope there will be more jobs in a few years. Other students think they have to go to graduate school to be able to compete in the job market since many young people are looking for jobs. From freshman students tot hose who are close to graduating, the uncertain future is a big concern.

Sophomore Katie Athey says, “Just to make sure that I will have a job, I want to make sure go to grad school, do good, get the degree I need, then I can be established in my career.” But, freshman David Jones disagrees, “It doesn’t seem to make sense in some instance because why are you prolonging and trying to get more education for a job that even if you’re qualified you may not get.”

Even before the recession, graduate enrollment at LSU was on the rise with roughly 20% of the students.