Harris' Baker Home Shot At

Monday, April 20, 2009 - 6:40pm

Shots were fired early this morning at the home of Greg Harris, the man suspected of killing his wife, Baton Rouge attorney Chiquita Tate. Harris did not get shot but authorities say at least one of the bullets was fired directly into his master bedroom, leaving them to think the suspect had a definite target in mind.

37-year-old Greg Harris, the man accused of brutally stabbing his wife 34-year-old Chiquita Tate to death last February had remained in custody until he bonded out of jail Friday. Authorities say at 3:00 am an unidentified suspect fire shots at his Baker home. Baker Chief of Police Mike Knapps says, “Someone entered the backyard of the residence on foot and intentionally fired into one window that was the master bedroom.”

We’re told Harris was home with his mother and brother when the shooting took place, but no one was hurt. Investigators say whoever did this was intending to do much more harm. They say they found a bullet in one of the pillows after it went through Harris’ headboard.

Harris and family members were there when we pulled up to his house this morning, but they declined to comment. Neighbors also chose not to go on camera. The recent events have left many of them terrified, but Baker’s Chief of Police Mike Knapps assures them that this was a targeted event and he and his investigators will handle the case as a very serious attempt to a major crime. “If he is not guilty then we have just murdered an innocent man before he got to go to trial.”

Investigators say they don’t have a suspect, but will be questioning several persons of interest over the next couple of days.