Hit & Run Leaves 2-Year-Old in Intensive Care

Friday, March 6, 2009 - 7:49pm

There were two horrific accidents Friday and police are saying both were hit-and-run. We begin with a two-year-old boy who was hit by two cars. Fortunately, he survived. Police are looking for the suspects in the double hit-and-run.

Right now, the little boy has a concussion and a crushed lung, staying at the pediatric intensive care unit. It’s a family pain, watching their toddler struggling to survive, but that pain turns to anger, knowing someone may have hit the boy and just kept driving.

Vivacious, curious, and clever is how Grandmother Arlean Armstrong describes two-year-old Christopher Armstrong, Jr. “Smiles all the time, wants to play, wants to hug and kiss you, he’s just a frisky little baby.” But Friday, the toddler’s in the hospital, hooked up to a breathing machine, the victim of a possible hit-and-run. His grandmother was too upset to appear on camera, but you can hear her describe what happened. “He saw the cousin at the mailbox and he ran behind her and she did not see him. But by the time she did see him, she reached out for him and the car snatched him down the street.”

The little boy was hit twice and flew several feet. Police say both cars never stopped, which is a thought that’s tough for neighbors to swallow. Neighbor Betty Drake says, “Anytime you hit a child and keep on going you don’t have any feelings, don’t have any at all.” The boy expected to pull through; right now, he’s still in the PICU.

For other parents, it’s a reminder just how dangerous speeding cars in this area can be. A concerned parent says, “I worry about my kid’s safety, but I don’t let my kids go past the sidewalk.” It is a neighborhood looking out for their own and a family fighting for the little boy they love.

Police are looking for two separate cars in the case. One of them is described as a dark red truck. They’re urging anyone with any information to come forward. You can call Crime Stoppers at 344-STOP.