Husband Arrested for Murder

Monday, March 16, 2009 - 6:12pm

Police charge the estranged husband of a murdered Baton Rouge attorney in her death. Baton Rouge Police arrested Greg Harris today, the day he was scheduled to be released from EBR Parish Prison on unrelated charges. They knew Harris was getting out of jail today and they rushed to get the warrant out so Harris would be arrested on second degree murder charges.

Baton Rouge Police say Greg Harris brutally murdered his wife Chiquita Tate. Up until Monday, Harris was being held on other charges at the parish prison. Police say they got back forensic evidence linking Harris to the crime. Police say Harris admitted to going to his wife’s office on the night she was murdered. The next day, Harris called police and said his wife never returned home and when police checked out her office, they found her stabbed 38 times. Sgt. Don Kelly says, “It’s a case that appeared from the onset to be very personal. The choice of the weapon, an edged knife, and a number of stab wounds. Everything about it seemed to be an emotional and very personal type of crime.”

According to the arrest warrant, police found safety glasses in Harris’s car that had Chiquita Tate’s blood on them. They also searched Harris’s house in Baker, where they found a Clorox bottle that had a mixture of Harris’s and Tate’s blood. In addition, police say Harris’s arms and hands were scratched and scraped.

But Harris’s attorney says police have the wrong man. Lewis Unglesby says, “And I hope that they will continue to look for the right person because there’s someone out there that’s extremely dangerous.” Unglesby says Harris is trying to grieve after losing his wife and Ungleby’s working to get Harris out of jail. “We’ll file a motion today for preliminary hearing, and we’ll file a motion for a reasonable bail, and will ask for hearings.”

Baton Rouge Police say they’re confident they’ve arrested the right person. Harris is booked in the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on second-degree murder charges. We’ll continue to track this story and keep you up-to-date on any new developments.