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Inmates Prepare for Move

Friday, January 30, 2009 - 7:37pm

Inmates in Livingston Parish have something to look forward to. Saturday, they’ll have a new place to call home. NBC 33’s Emily Turner shows us how the new parish prison will ease overcrowding and save the parish a bundle of dough.

After years of outdated, overcrowded conditions at the Livingston Parish Prison, Friday will mark the last time over 150 inmates will sleep behind the old bars. Starting early Saturday morning, prison vans will begin relocating inmates from the old detention center to the new one. Behind a shut and locked razor wire gate, prisoners will be loaded in vans, groups of 8-10, then they will make the short trip over to the building next door where they will be unloaded behind another shut and locked razor wire gate and brought to their assigned cells.

Livingston Parish Deputy Jason Ard says, “We’re going to be preparing that we’re going to have plenty of security and deputies not assigned to the detention wanting to help out.”

Once the prisoners are in, several hundred additional prisoners who were placed in surrounding parishes will be bussed back to Livingston. “Right now everybody we have in our custody, whether they are in another prison are going to be moved to the new detention center.” Chief Deputy Jason Ard says things are under control and expects a smooth transfer.

One man who lives about a half a mile away says he’s glad to see the new jail, but thinks it’s only a matter of time before yet another facility will be needed. Boyd Thompson says, “It’ll be overcrowded before they know it.”