Jindal Responds to Speech Critics

Monday, March 2, 2009 - 6:21pm

The fallout surrounding Governor Jindal’s nationally televised speech continues and now he’s responding to his critics. The Governor, Monday, said he knows President Obama is a better speaker than he is, but he says it’s the message, not the speech that’s important.

Critics said Jindal’s first nationally televised speech was a disaster; Jindal says it wasn’t that bad. “I’ve always been a police guy. I’ll always be a police guy. The ideas are important. The substance is important.” Critics even questioned the substance and ideas in Jindal’s speech, but Jindal says his ideas are good and the stimulus package is problematic. “This was a thousand page bill that arrived so late that many members didn’t get a chance to read it. The public certainly didn’t get a chance to read it.”

Jindal took some questions about his speech, but when he was done he walked out of the room quickly. His press secretary said Jindal had to rush to an out of town event, even though he made time for at least one reporter after he walked out of the room. Before he walked out, Jindal said the speech was all him. “I’ll take responsibility for the speech. I’m not going to try to blame anybody else. I know in Washington it’s very convenient to say, staff did this or staff did that, I wrote the speech. I delivered the speech.”

He also said he’s not the first Louisiana Governor to be criticized in the national media. “At least you’ve got one that’s being criticized as being boring. Being compared to Mr. Rogers is better than some of the other comparisons we’ve had in years past.” Jindal says although many saw his speech as a flop, he saw it as an opportunity to shine a spotlight on Louisiana.

Jindal also said he’s working with state police and the legislature to crack down on drunk drivers by creating stronger laws.