July 4th Shooting Trial Day 3, Defense Wants Acquittal

Wednesday, April 8, 2009 - 5:01pm

Both the prosecution and defense have rested in the Devin Collins attempted murder trial. He’s one of the suspects in the 2007 4th of July levee shootings that left two people disabled. Our Kianga Kelley has been covering the trial all week from District Court.

It was an eventful day in court. The judge rejected the defense’s request for a mis-trial. Yesterday a police officer giving testimony mistakenly brought up a videotape made after the July 4th shooting. The video is not part of the evidence, so the defense asked for a mistrial. Today, Judge Chip Moore denied that motion, saying there were enough sufficient testimonies to continue with the trial.

The defense came back with a motion for an acquittal, claiming there isn’t enough evidence that links 19-year-old Devin Collins to the shooting. Earlier in the day, Judge Moore visited the crime scene. The victims’ families followed along. This was the first time Glenda Blunschi toured the site where her son, Robert Blunschi, Jr., was shot in the head. “It’s tough trying to visualize where he was. I doubt if I’ll ever come here again.”

Judge Moore is expected to make a ruling tomorrow morning on whether or not to acquit Collins.