KKK Murder Indictment

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 - 6:25pm

A jury has indicted a suspected Ku Klux Klan leader on second-degree murder charges. Police say 44-year-old Raymond “Chuck” Foster killed 43-year-old Cynthia Lynch of Oklahoma after she tried to back out of a KKK initiation ritual. Eight people were arrested in all, including Foster, but only four were indicted.

Rick Wood of St. Tammany’s DA’s Office says, “I haven’t seen one like this, we’ve had a lot of high profile cases, but, uh, one not like this. We’re up to the challenge, and this office is ready to proceed and take care of business.”

Of the other four indictments, three face obstruction of justice including Foster’s son Shane. The other faces one count of accessory after the fact.