Libraries Getting Busier

Monday, April 20, 2009 - 5:16pm

Free, it’s a word most people like to hear in the current economy. Our Lauren Unger has more on one place where “free stuff” is an everyday occurrence. This is one building where the economic downturn doesn’t mean a slowdown in business. In fact, they say they’re seeing more people than ever coming through their doors.

Larry Shiver is a regular at the library, taking out DVDs and books all for free. Shiver says, “Why buy, this way you save money.” He’s not alone, lately the East Baton Rouge Parish Library has seen a 10% increase in patrons and their free audio downloads have tripled. Andi Abraham with the Adult Services and Circulation says, “That’s a constant thing, a constant thing, the shelves are in a wreck, you know we’ve been busy.”

They’re coming through the door for more than just materials: classes, computers, and a free helping hand when it comes to the job hunt. Even at 10 am on Monday you can see there’s no shortage of people. Mary Stein with EBR Parish Library says, “Computer use has skyrocketed, within the last few years, but particularly within the past year.”

Like Kevin Ludlow, he’s been using the free interest for months, but lately he has company. “There’s definitely been more and more people going up, like getting a computer at my usual time has been harder and harder.” A resource that can give a helping hand, “If someone’s not using it, they’re missing something.” At a time when many people could use it the most.

The library offers computer classes and certain downloads for free. You can even text them to get an answer to any question you may have. For more information about the library’s services click here. Click here for information on how to text the reference department for a free answer on the go. For more information contact your local library.