Livingston Parish Brawl

Thursday, March 26, 2009 - 5:42pm

A neighborhood in Tangipahoa Parish erupts into chaos as a fight involving more than 20 people leaves one person dead and several injured. Out Emily Turner spoke to witnesses today.

Neighbors say they saw more than a dozen trucks zoom down the street. The passengers jumped out of their vehicles with guns, bats, and iron bars and immediately started fighting. Residents of Long Leaf Drive say violence around these parts isn’t anything new. Neighbors say they knew trouble was brewing so they alerted law enforcement.

Around 8:00 last night the cul-de-sac was packed with people. Kathy Bigner lives nearby and explains, “There were about 13 trucks. They had people in the back, guns everywhere.” No one really knows why the brawl broke out, but what we do know is at least five people were shot including 23-year-old Trent Stewart who was pronounced dead at the scene. “I called the Sheriff and said do you take me seriously now, as the shots were going off in the background.”

Authorities say several others were severely wounded, including two people who were hit over the head with pipes or bats. Thelma Mixon says, “Thanks be to God we have the strength to go on, but we need help.” Thelma Mixon lives just a few houses down from where the fight broke out. She wants the violence to stop and says police need to spend more time in the area. “Maybe one of these little innocent children may get a bullet. We don’t never know.”

Livingston Parish deputies have arrested three people so far: Morris Laiche, III, his wife Erin Laiche, and his mother Patricia Laiche. Morris faces second degree murder charges, the other two face lesser counts.

This was a big brawl. The Sheriff’s office tells us they expect to make several more arrests in the coming days.