Local Shelter in Need of Donations

Friday, February 6, 2009 - 6:51pm

Funds are slowly coming in for Raven Outreach, who is turning to the community for help to keep providing services for homeless vets. Veterans rely on Raven Outreach for many things from shelter to medical supplies; the organization can get it for them. But a shortage in funds has made it hard for the facility to purchase some much needed items.

In 2004, Andrew Whitner says he received a message from God to open a shelter for his fellow veterans who have fallen on hard times and have no place to go. Whitner says, “It was truly His gift to us for the guys who need it so much who have put their lives on the line at one time or another for our country.”

Since then, the ministry has grown. Charles Gayden, a former National Guard, has been coming to the facility for the past three years. Gayden says, “We have another chance here at Raven to make a great transition and to do some things that we should’ve done a long time ago.”

As Raven’s Outreach prepares to move into a larger facility, there are a few things federal money just can’t take care of. Right now, there are only two sets of washer-dryers for the 30 veterans. By the end of the month, there will be close to 70 vets there and staff members say that’s just not enough. Aside from the laundry appliances, Whitener says the center could use about 50 folding chairs. Dorothy Whitner, Andrew’s wife, explains, “Without them we’ll have to have them sitting all over the building and everything.”

Veterans like Aaron Lawerence are grateful for every charitable contribution. Lawerence says, “Every little bit comes in handy.”

If you would like to donate your used washer and dryer or even some folding chairs, call the office at 383-4031.