Meth Lab Explosion

Monday, March 9, 2009 - 4:46pm

An abandoned trailer in Livingston Parish explodes, sending one man to the hospital and another to jail. Deputies say the two men were cooking meth inside. Our Emily Turner is tracking this story and spoke to the neighbors who witnessed the explosion.

Meth lab explosions are common in Livingston Parish, but nothing quite compares to what took place in a Springfield neighborhood last Thursday. Witness Carolyn Buras says, “If my fiancé, my newborn, and I would have been sleeping we would have been dead.” Carolyn rushed to her window after hearing a small boom at the trailer next door. She says the overpowering odor of meth stopped her in her tracks. “As soon as I hit the window you could smell everything, it just hit me in the face.”

Within a matter of seconds, she watched the mobile home burst into flames, just before the first suspect, 25-year-old Wayne Masgerchine came out of the flames, unscathed, running down the street shouting. “He said he blew up, he blew it up, he blew up in it.” Buras says the other suspect didn’t make it out as easy. “I looked out my trailer and saw someone engulfed in flames.” 25-year-old Jessie Soley had caught fire and rolled on the lawn to put out the flames.

Neighbors say the trailer had been abandoned for years. Soley’s relatives live in a mobile home on the same lot. They say they’ve been using it to store cleaning supplies and the explosion was an accident. “But authorities say otherwise. Both suspects had already been booked into Livingston Parish Prison on drug charges and given the evidence, they say there is no doubt the two men were cooking up trouble.

Carolyn Buras has a 230 pound propane tank in her front yard, so the explosion could’ve been much worse. As for the suspects: Wayne Masgerchine is in jail and Jessie Soley is still in the hospital in critical condition.