Missing Fisherman Update

Friday, February 13, 2009 - 6:29pm

The search for a fisherman lost in the muddy Mississippi entered its third day Friday. FNBR's Emily Turner was the only reporter on the scene again today.

The search for 27-year-old Mack Kempe is still going strong. After scouring the river’s banks, friends, family, and law enforcement came up empty-handed, so their focus shifted to a new location. Search crews have recovered Kempe’s fishing net. They say it was being sucked into a turbine at a hydroelectric plant on the river in Concordia Parish. The plant shut down its pumps today so crews could search the area. Debris spewed into the river, but so far there’s no sign of Kempe. Still, no one is giving up.

Doug Ray, a friend of Kempe, says, “We are going to be in the river anyways so we will never stop searching.” Tory Franklin agrees, “Keep our eyes on the water for anything we see unusual and hope for the best to put this to rest.”

Rough waves swept a boat carrying Kempe and two other fishermen into the river. Kempe’s half-brother was riding in a second boat and authorities say he is the only one who made it back to shore.

Search crews recovered the bodies of the two other fishermen. The boats were filled with 4,000 pounds of shad. Investigators say the heavy load may have contributed to the accident.