More Security at Prescott Middle

Wednesday, March 18, 2009 - 6:03pm

Five boys are now in police custody after a female student was raped at Prescott Middle School. The investigation is ongoing and school officials say they’re stepping up security. The school will have additional security cameras and four new security officers on campus. A state teacher’s group says it’s about time because discipline has been a problem at Prescott.

A fifteen year old Prescott Middle student claims she was raped on campus on March 10th. Five male students have been arrested and no names are being released because all of the students involved are minors. Police are still investigating and school officials say along with the investigation the school has brought in safety companies to help them out. They’re improving lighting, they’re adding security cameras, and they’re bringing in an additional four security officers, for a total of six.

Teachers have complained about big-time discipline problems at the school. A Louisiana Association of Educators spokeswoman says, “LAE has heard discipline has been a problem for weeks at Prescott Middle School. It’s unfortunate that the lack of discipline leads to this incident.” LAE went on to say it’s important that schools are a safe place for teachers and students.

Prescott Middle was taken over by Advance Baton Rouge, a non-profit agency. They agency will be taking over Lanier and Dalton Elementary Schools starting next year. Advance BR says they’re mission is critical and they’re trying to help children learn. They say safety is their number one priority for students.

Right now, the five boys who’ve been arrested by police are being held at the Juvenile Detention Center. We’ll continue to track this story and alert you to new developments.