No Charges Filed Against LSD Employees

Thursday, February 19, 2009 - 6:26pm

We’re learning more about the new allegations of inappropriate behavior at the Louisiana School for the Deaf. Two employees at the school are on paid leave as officials look into a complaint from a student. It’s something we’ve seen over and over again, but it turns out the LSD isn’t the only school for deaf children that’s had its share of problems.

Just as things were starting to look brighter for the Louisiana School for the Deaf, new allegations of sexual assault have come to light over the last two weeks. An instructor is accused of touching a student inappropriately. That person along with their supervisor were both placed on leave pending an investigation.

Rene Greer with LA Department of Education says, “The expectations for the students at this school are high and we expect people to conduct themselves appropriately.”

But sexual assault cases are not unfamiliar for deaf schools across the nation. In fact, there have been reports of abuse out of California, Oregon, North Carolina, and Arkansas.

Sandee Winchell, the Executive Director of the Louisiana Developmental Disabilities Council agrees deaf schools like LSD can be a silent threat. “The council believes that that school is not the best environment for children to learn.” She believes deaf students would be better of in mainstream public schools.

But not everyone agrees, parents we have talked to in the past have expressed their support of deaf schools remaining independent. Renee Greer insists there is a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate conduct. But the new security system, cameras, and a monitoring system for staff and employees haven’t stopped the allegations from surfacing.

The Baton Rouge Police Department says no charges will be filed in the case. The Louisiana Department of Education is currently conducting an internal investigation.