Nonprofits Hurting

Friday, February 6, 2009 - 7:28pm

The Capital Area Red Cross is worried about being in the “red.” Five overnight fires only added to the agency’s new financial burden. A Red Cross spokeswoman won’t go that far, but she says the agency’s really had to tighten it’s belt and may have to make cutbacks in these tough economic times.

Since 4:30 Thursday afternoon, the Red Cross has responded to five fires that left 18 people homeless. Food, blankets, clothing all stockpiled in emergency response vehicles, ready to roll out in a moment’s notice in the ten parishes surrounding Baton Rouge. The agency relies on staff members and volunteers to help people in their time of need, but gripped by a national recession, times are really tough for agencies like the Red Cross who rely on donations.

Kendall Hebert with the Capital Area Red Cross says, “If the donations do not come in, we will have to cut back our service and that’s something we don’t want to do.

Five fires in 24 hours is a record for the Red Cross, but the agency takes pride in responding to emergencies in a moment’s notice. Right now the agency is out looking for help and hopeful that people will reach deep and make donations because to stay in business, they need more cash.

Tough times, not just for families, but for the agencies that support them.

The Red Cross is asking for help from the community to stay afloat, and as you can imagine it’s not only the Red Cross having to make tough decisions. Donations are down at non-profits across town. They’re having to cut staff, cut back on services, and look at new ways to bring in money so they’ll continue to be able to help people in need.