Pipe Through Windshield, Driver Walks Away

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 - 5:55pm

A metal pipe crashes through the windshield on a car on I-10 Tuesday. The driver suffered very minor injuries, but Eric Grey tells us he can’t believe he walked away from the accident. He was driving down I-10 when a metal pipe flew off an 18-wheeler and through his windshield.

It’s a six-foot pipe that crashed through Eric Grey’s windshield. He was on I-10 westbound near Louise Street in Baton Rouge when his life flashed before his eyes. “I was coming on the interstate. The 18-wheeler, one of the white pipes just popped off the interstate, flying through the air and bust through my windshield.”

Watch the video, and check out his dashboard, all busted up with glass all over. Emergency workers say it’s the dashboard that saved Grey’s life. It stopped the pipe, if the pipe had continued, it would have gone straight through Grey’s chest.

The only thing that’s wrong with Grey is some eye pain and a few cuts and scrapes from windshield glass flying into the car. Before he walked to the ambulance, Grey stopped to talk with only FOX44. Emergency workers and police are amazed that Grey wasn’t seriously injured. While we were on scene, police pulled the huge metal pipe out of Grey’s windshield.

In an instant, the pipe flew off an 18-wheeler and through Eric Grey’s windshield. If it weren’t for his dashboard, the pipe could’ve gone straight through his chest. Grey tells us he can’t believe he’s able to walk away from such a serious accident.

The pipe flew off the back of an 18-wheeler and the truck didn’t stop. Police say the driver may not have noticed he lost the pipe.