Regular Session Begins

Monday, April 27, 2009 - 5:51pm

Governor Jindal addressed the legislature today on the opening of this year’s regular session. The Governor says Louisiana has a tough road ahead and that lawmakers will have to make some tough choices. He also asked legislators to work with him to come up with solutions to address Louisiana’s budget shortfall.

Governor Jindal addressed a joint session of the legislature Monday. In his 18 minute speech, Jindal talked about all of the success he’s had since taking office. “It’s also honest to admit that I’ve made some mistakes, and we’ve made some stumbles. If I had a time machine, I’d go back and change some of the things we did.”

The Governor told legislators it’s important to look forward and to make decisions today that will help tomorrow. “The challenges get even harder in the years ahead of us.” Jindal says there needs to be some big changes in the way Louisiana is able to budget it’s money. “Like you, certainly we are very concerned that year after year, budget cuts fall disproportionate on higher education and healthcare.” The Governor says he wants to make changes but needs the legislatures help to do it. “We don’t have a moment to spare; we don’t have a citizen to spare when it comes to moving our state to its full potential.”

Jindal finished up his speech by offering a saying from his campaign. “We can change, we must change, and we will change. Thank you everyone and God bless the great state of Louisiana.” The legislative session lasts nine weeks and legislators tell us they’ll be working hard the entire time to achieve their goals.

A little over a thousand bills will be considered over the next nine weeks. One of the main items legislators need to sort out is the budget shortfall.