Report: Sandra Bullock leaving husband

Thursday, March 18, 2010 - 12:44pm

SEXY screen siren Sandra Bullock is set to leave her husband Jesse James amid rumors he cheated on her with a trampy tattoo model called Michelle.

The actress, 45, is “devastated” that James — whom she married in 2005 — has been having an affair for the past 11-months.

“Sandra is devastated,” a source close to the Oscar-winning star told OK! magazine.

“Jesse has tried to smooth things over with Sandra, but she’s still leaving him.”

James allegedly told his mistress that his marriage to Bullock was a sham.

The mistress apparently told her former boss that she and Jesse were having a steamy affair.

“She told me that she and Jesse were together… this was around May, 2009, or just prior to that,” Danielle Dee Madrano told Radar Online.

“She told me that Jesse’s marriage to Sandra Bullock was for publicity, and that’s why he did Donald Trump’s show, Celebrity Apprentice.

“He never called on Sandra for money or influence because their marriage was a sham she said.”

Meanwhile, Sandy — who pulled out of the London premiere of The Blind Side – has already moved out of the home she shares with Jesse in Southern California.