Representative Walks for Healthy Kids

Thursday, April 16, 2009 - 6:24pm

A Shreveport Representative is tackling Autism and obesity in children, one step at a time. He’s walked, and walked, and walked, and after 13 days and 226 miles, Representative Patrick Williams has finally made it to the steps of the state Capitol all by foot.

To some walking from city to city may sound crazy, but Williams has a good reason for his long journey. He’s hoping to raise awareness about childhood obesity and autism. “That was a walk in the park that we did because they have to deal with this daily.”

Last year Louisiana ranked 9th for most overweight children in the country and when it comes to autism, parents have to travel to Houston, Texas just for help. Williams was greeted by many supporters, one woman was overwhelmed with tears by his dedication, calling him a hero. Betty Fisk says, “I think he’s amazing, I think it’s about time people stand up for Louisiana.”

It doesn’t stop with this walk, Williams plans to meet with the United States Department of Agriculture to promote healthy eating for those using food stamps. He’s even pushing for more PE classes. “I know education is terribly important but if they’re not healthy then that can’t actually do anything in the classroom.” But until that day comes, Williams hopes his accomplishment will continue to inspire others to live a healthy life.

This isn’t Williams’ first time around the block. Last year it only took him 10 days to walk to the Red Stick.