Robot Camp in Madisonville

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 - 9:45am

In Madisonville, kids at summer camp are creating under water robots. Morgan Rose was there, and found out how they pieced the robots together - one wire at a time.

For these little engineers, Robot Camp is the perfect way to spend their summer. Sundar Pandian says, "I was excited, yes, because I love robots myself. I'm a fan of making them and seeing them go underwater."

The Maritime Museum in Madisonville helt its first ever "Remotely Operated Vehicle" or ROV Camp. They're creating robots from the ground up, and, as the campers explain, it's not an easy task. "Very difficult with the wiring, making frames. It's very hard," explains Rachel Broussard.

It was a five-day camp, and, on the last day, all the hard work was put to the test as robots went underwater.

Education Coordinator Kristen Garcia says a majority of the ROV's Made it to the final stage and passed the final test. "As you can see, we have them in the river, and, if they can survive this river, they'll be able to survived their pools and lakes," Garcia explains.

Parents like Stormie Bourgeois say the $300 price tag was worth every penny. Bourgeois explains, "I think this could give him a head start if they decide to pursue this type of career."

Garcia and her campers say this won't be the last ROV Camp. And they hope the camp will get better each year.