Salvation Army Gets Ready for Ida

Monday, November 9, 2009 - 10:07am

Jackson, Miss – The Salvation Army along the eastern coast of the Gulf of Mexico is ready for the possible arrival of hurricane, or tropical storm Ida. The Salvation Army continues to partner with FEMA, local and state emergency management officials and local non-profits to ensure residents are protected.

The Salvation Army is committed to partnering with all levels of government to help become more efficient in its disaster relief, providing a collaborative response when no one entity can handle it alone.

With a fleet of more than 150 trucks, mobile kitchens and other vehicles, the states of Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, and Louisiana are ready for whatever arrives.

“The Salvation Army fleet will be strategically placed all along the coastal areas along with an army of staff and volunteers ready to help residents and emergency workers at the time of disaster” says Jeff Jellets, Coordinator of Emergency Disaster Services in the Southern United States. “We remain committed to assist whenever disaster strikes, and it is vital to our mission as an organization to be prepared and ready for anything” says Jellets.