Shortage of Chicken Wings?

Friday, January 30, 2009 - 7:53pm

While the teams are preparing for the Super Bowl, many fans will be “winging it.” But will there be enough chicken wings to go around?

When it comes to the Super Bowl, people love packing in the pizza and scooping up salsa, but for some fans, it’s got to be a wing thing. Jim Earnest says, “It’s easy to eat, isn’t it? It’s like a leg but it’s not as big, so you can take a small bite and scream when they score and not spray food all over the people around you.” Lauren Miller agrees, “Just like, easy to grab and they come in all different flavors.”

Now a shortage of the finger food favorite is causing some to cry foul. Luckily, local restaurants like Pluckers say there’s no problem with their wing supply, they’ll have enough to satisfy event he hungriest wing enthusiast. Pluckers Manager Ryan Case says, “we should be able to serve the city of Baton Rouge fully.”

But that doesn’t mean you can wait until the last minute to order those wings. Typically, Friday for lunch is packed in Pluckers, but staff says come Super Bowl Sunday, there won’t be an empty seat in the house.

All you need is a little preparation to make sure you can enjoy the saucy Super Bowl tradition many plan to continue this weekend. Pluckers says it’s fully stocked to serve thousands of wings this weekend without a hitch. In fact, the restaurant is offering an “all you can eat” special during the big game.