Southern President Files Federal Suit

Friday, April 3, 2009 - 6:52pm

Just one day after the Southern University Board of Regents agreed to let university president Ralph Slaughter work out the rest of his contract, Slaughter has filed a federal lawsuit against board members. Our Kianga Kelley sat down with Slaughter’s attorney.

Ralph Slaughter’s attorney says he has proof that the non-renewal of his contract was unfair. In the lawsuit filed in federal court today, Slaughter claims that there are witnesses who heard board members say, “We have to get rid of Slaughter and should have done that last time.”

They gave him a month to finish up his term as System President after an 11 to 5 vote last Friday to not renew his contract, but Dr. Ralph Slaughter is obviously not going out without a fight. In fact within a week on his non-renewal he’s filed two lawsuits. One against the Board of Supervisors and the second targeting certain members including Chairman of the Board Tony Clayton, claiming that these members violated public meeting laws by holding a secret meeting to discuss his contract.

Jill Craft, Slaughter’s attorney says, “You see the dates and the times and how many meetings took place and who was meeting with who and the deals that were being cut in the back room because Dr. Slaughter filed a federal lawsuit in 2007.” Craft says she’s confident his non-renewal was personal and has the documents to prove it.

We tried to call Tony Clayton at Southern several times today but he did not return our calls. As for Slaughter, Craft says he may even file a third lawsuit in the coming days. We’ll keep you updated as this story develops.