Speed Van Refunds

Thursday, April 16, 2009 - 7:32pm

Some people who got tickets from the speed van in Livingston Parish can expect to get a check in the mail. The Sheriff’s Office says the van was parked in the wrong spot on Interstate 12 so they are going to overturn several dozen speeding tickets.

By now you’re familiar with the speed van, if you speed past it, a camera will snap your photo and you’ll get a speeding ticket in the mail. It’s operated by the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office and they say it’s an effective tool to make speeders slow down. Perry Rushing with Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office says, “The numbers have dropped. People are starting to understand it’s out there, so I think it’s decreased the speed in the parish.”

If you get popped, you’ll get a ticket ranging in price from $100 to more than $400. But folks who’ve been stopped along a portion of Interstate 12 and have paid there tickets will get a refund. “There were some issues with how the van was parked and it wasn’t legal, but it didn’t give enough time for people to slow down for the 60 miles per hour zone.” The van was parked just on the other side of a 60 mile per hour sign so drivers who were slowing down from 70 to 60 got tickets. “A lot of them were dismissed, so not everybody paid these tickets.” People who did pay will get a refund in the mail.

Deputies aren’t sure exactly how many people will get their money back or when, but say they’re working hard to make sure the situation is resolved. The Sheriff’s Office says the van is completely legal and they’re going to make sure it’s set up in spots that have clearly marked speed limit signs.